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Gram Panchayat

NTA UGC NET Biology Question Paper

1. Crystal violet blood agar is a selective medium for

(A). β-haemolytic streptococci
(B). Staphylococcus aureus
(C). Corynebacterium diphtheriae
(D). Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Correct Answer: A

2. Species of Shigella which is predominant in India is

(A). S sonnei
(B). S dysenteriae
(C). S boydii
(D). S flexneri

Correct Answer: D

3. The process of transfer of desirable character from one species to other is known as

(A). Hybridization
(B). Emasculation
(C). Selection
(D). Introduction

Correct Answer: D

4. When the oxygen supply to the tissue is inadequate, the condition is

(A). Dyspnea

(B). Hypoxia

(C). Asphyxia

(D). Apnea

Correct Answer: B

5. Postgates assay technique is useful in determining if a cell is viable even though it is

(A). incapable of cell division
(B). too small to see
(C). an obligate aerobe
(D). a thermophile

Correct Answer: A

6. The diagnosis of hepatitis A virus infection is carried out from the method based on

(A). aminotransferase levels
(B). detection of faecal HAV by immunoelectron microscopy
(C). both (a) and (b)
(D). detection of IgM anti-HAV by ELISA

Correct Answer: D

7. What is the maximum number of different amino acids in a polypeptide chain coded by the synthetic polyribonucleotides (UCAG)5?

(A). One
(B). Two
(C). Three
(D). Four

Correct Answer: C

8. Collagen is a

(A). Phosphoprotein
(B). Globulin
(C). Derived Protein
(D). Scleroprotein

Correct Answer: D

9. Which of the following mutations arise without exposure to external agents?

(A). Spontaneous mutations
(B). Analogous mutations
(C). Induced mutations
(D). None of these

Correct Answer: A

10. Polymerase chain reaction basically consists of

(A). two steps
(B). three steps
(C). four steps
(D). five steps

Correct Answer: B

11. The term genetic RNA refers to

(A). the RNA that carries genetic message
(B). the RNA that helps gene regulation in lac-operon
(C). the RNA present in mitochondria
(D). none of the above

Correct Answer: A

12. Heterocoelous centrum is a characteristics of-

(A). Amphibia 

(B). Reptilia

(C). Birds 

(D). Mammalia

Correct Answer: C

13. Each of the 3 virulence factors of Bacillus anthracis i.e. the capsule, edema toxin and lethal toxin can affect the activity of

(A). B cells
(B). macrophages
(C). ciliated epithelial cells
(D). M cells   

Correct Answer: B

14. Under what conditions food poisoning bacteria may grow and produce toxins in vegetables?

(A). When thawed vegetables are held at refrigerated temperature for any considerable period
(B). When thawed vegetables are held at room temperature for any considerable period
(C). When thawed vegetables are held below refrigerated temperature for any considerable period
(D). None of the above

Correct Answer: B

15. All membranes of free-living organisms have phospholipid bilayers, but exception is

(A). bacteria
(B). fungi
(C). archaea
(D). protozoa

Correct Answer: C

16. Acid foods with a pH between 4.5 and 3.7 usually are spoiled by

(A). B. coagulans
(B). Saccharolytic anaerobe
(C). both (a) and (b)
(D). none of these

Correct Answer: C

17. All infections do not cause fever and all fevers are not due to infections which of the following is an example of non-infections cause of fever?

(A). Typhoid
(B). Chicken pox
(C). Rheumatic disease
(D). Malaria

Correct Answer: C

18. The bacteria which is predominant flora of the human gut is

(A). Escherichia coli
(B). Clostridium perfringens
(C). Bacteroides
(D). Actinomyces

Correct Answer: B

19. Ion exchange chromatography is based on the

(A). electrostatic attraction
(B). electrical mobility of ionic species
(C). adsorption chromatography
(D). partition chromatography

Correct Answer: A

20. Which of the following may account for the small size of the cells?

(A). The rate of diffusion
(B). The surface area/volume ratio
(C). The number of mRNAs that can be produced by the nucleus
(D). All of the above

Correct Answer: D

21. The yoghurt is made from

(A). Lactobacillus bulgaricus
(B). Streptococcus thermophilus
(C). S.cremoris
(D). mixed culture of (a) and (b)

Correct Answer: D

22. Pure oxygen, if used instead of air will increase oxygen transfer rates because

(A). the saturation concentration of oxygen is higher
(B). the bubble size is smaller
(C). the oxygen transfer coefficient is larger
(D). the partial pressure of oxygen in the gas phase is lower

Correct Answer: A

23. With reference to enzymes, which one of the following statements is true?

(A). Apoenzyme = Holoenzyme + Coenzyme

(B). Holoenzyme = Apoenzyme + Coenzyme

(C). Coenzyme = Apoenzyme + Holoenzyme

(D). Holoenzyme = Coenzyme – Apoenzyme

Correct Answer: B

24. The most complex type of bacterial viruses having hexagonal head, a rigid tail with a contractile sheath and tall fibers is morphologically classified as

(A). A
(B). B
(C). C
(D). D

Correct Answer: A

25. Radical shifts in pH can be prevented by incorporating

(A). a buffer
(B). an oxidizing agent
(C). a reducing agent
(D). any of these  

Correct Answer: A

26. Which of the following structure is present in prokaryotic cells?

(A). Mitochondria
(B). Chloroplasts
(C). Golgi structure
(D). Mesosome

Correct Answer: D

27. Glycolytic pathway regulation involves

(A). allosteric stimulation by ADP
(B). allosteric inhibition by ATP
(C). feedback, or product, inhibition by ATP
(D). all of the above

Correct Answer: D

28. What compound of raw egg white causes a syndrome similar to vitamin B deficiency?

(A). Avidin
(B). Betabindin
(C). Ovalbumin
(D). Albumin

Correct Answer: A

29. The quantity of a substance contained in a unit volume is termed as its

(A). velocity
(B). mass
(C). quantity
(D). density

Correct Answer: D

30. The fragmentation occurs in

(A). Streptomyces species
(B). Nocardia species
(C). Bacillus subtilis
(D). None of these 

Correct Answer: B

31. Liver performs several functions. One of these functions is—

(A). Histolysis

(B). Digestion of proteins

(C). Glycogenesis

(D). Maintaining salt balance

Correct Answer: C

32. Organisms, using organic compounds as electron donors are called

(A). lithotrophs
(B). phototrophs
(C). chemotrophs
(D). organotrophs

Correct Answer: D

33. The equation for the rate of product formation for simple enzyme reaction is given by (Where rmax, maximum reaction rate, Cs substrate concentration, Cp product concentration ES, CES enzyme-substrate concentration)

(A). rp = rmax Cs/(Km+Cs)
(B). rp= rmax CES/(Km+ CES)
(C). rp = rmax Cs/(Km+CES)
(D). rp = rmax Cs/(Km+Cp)

Correct Answer: A

34. The commonest bacterial infection in HIV disease is/are

(A). mycobacterial infection
(B). salmonella infection
(C). bartonella infection
(D). all of these

Correct Answer: A

35. Which of the following organisms typically get their carbon for biosynthesis from organic compounds?

(A). Aerobic, glucose-respiring bacteria (aerobic respiration)
(B). Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (chemolithotrophic bacteria)
(C). Photosynthetic cyanobacteria (phototrophic metabolism)
(D). None of the above 

Correct Answer: A

36. Gram-negative bacterium is/are

(A). Escherichia
(B). Clostridia
(C). Staphylococci
(D). All of these

Correct Answer: A

37. Biotin occurs mainly in combined forms bound to protein through

(A). ε-N-lysine moiety
(B). ε-S-lysine moiety
(C). ε-N-biotinyl-L-lysine
(D). ε-N-lipoyl - L-lysine

Correct Answer: A

38. What metal ion is specifically bound by vitamin B12?

(A). Cobalt
(B). Copper
(C). Zinc
(D). Iron

Correct Answer: A

39. Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their

(A). embryonic zone
(B). growing point
(C). root hairs
(D). zone of elongation

Correct Answer: C

40. What is the average life of Red Blood cells in our body?

(A). 30-40 days
(B). 70-80 days
(C). 100-120 days
(D). 160-180 days

Correct Answer: C

41. Which of the following structures is the smallest?

(A). Viriod
(B). Hydrogen atom
(C). Bacterium
(D). Mitochondrion

Correct Answer: B

42. Which type of interferon is produced by T lymphocytes?

(A). α
(B). β
(C). γ
(D). γ and β

Correct Answer: C

43. Myopia is connected with

(A). ears
(B). eyes
(C). lungs
(D). None of these

Correct Answer: B

44. Important example(s) of enriched medium/media is/ are

(A). Loeffler's serum slope
(B). Bordet-gengou medium
(C). Blood agar
(D). All of these

Correct Answer: B

45. Which of the following is the most correct?

(A). Charged amino acids are never buried in the interior of a protein
(B). Charged amino acids are seldom buried in the interior of a protein
(C). All hydrophobic amino acids are buried when a protein folds
(D). Tyrosine is only found in the interior of proteins

Correct Answer: B

46. Agar is used for solidifying culture media because

(A). it does not affect by the growth of bacteria
(B). it does not add to the nutritive properties of the medium
(C). the melting and solidifying points of agar solution are not the same
(D). all of the above

Correct Answer: D

47. Which of the following will have the highest surface area available for oxygen transfer?

(A). A shake flask
(B). A standing test tube
(C). A non-sparged stirred tank reactor agitated at 400 rpm
(D). A sparged stirred tank reactor agitated at 400 rpm

Correct Answer: D

48. Buried hydrophobic side chains in a globular protein fit into a hole formed by the side chains of

(A). 1-3 other amino acids
(B). 5-7 other amino acids
(C). 9-12 other amino acids
(D). 13-15 other amino acids   

Correct Answer: B

49. Which of the following is incorrect?

(A). Mammalian cells are larger and more complex than microorganisms
(B). Their growth rate is very fast compared to microorganisms
(C). Mammalian cells are fragile
(D). Most animal cells only grow when attached to surface

Correct Answer: B

50. Which of the following bacterial colonies fluoresce brick-red in UV light?

(A). B gingivalis
(B). B melaninogenicus
(C). Bacteroides fragilis
(D). B levii

Correct Answer: B

51. Coenzyme is —

(A). always protein
(B). often metal
(C). always inorganic compound
(D). often a vitamin

Correct Answer: D

52. Hemoglobin has quaternary structure and is made up of

(A). six polypeptide chains, two α-chains and four β-chains
(B). two polypeptide chains, one α-chains and one β-chains
(C). four polypeptide chains, two α-chains and two β-chains
(D). five polypeptide chains, two α-chains and three β-chains

Correct Answer: C

53. The lactase hydrolyzes lactose into

(A). Glucose

(B). Glucose and galactose

(C). Fructose

(D). Glucose and fructose

Correct Answer: B

54. The most popular method for typing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is

(A). antibiogram
(B). serotyping
(C). bacteriophage
(D). pyocin

Correct Answer: D

55. For the selection of lactobacilli present in cheddar cheese, the pH of the medium is maintained at

(A). 6.35
(B). 5.35
(C). 4.35
(D). 5.75

Correct Answer: B

56. Which of the following worms enters human body by penetrating skin?

(A). Tapeworm
(B). Threadworm
(C). Hookworm
(D). Ringworm

Correct Answer: C

57. The word cell was first used by

(A). Robert Hooke
(B). Theodor Schwann
(C). Louis Pasteur
(D). Ronald Ross

Correct Answer: A

58. The commonest species of Bacteroides in fragilis group, which causes human infection, is

(A). B vulgatus
(B). B fragilis
(C). B ovatus
(D). B merdae

Correct Answer: B

59. Which of the following is concerned with the management and analysis of biological data using computers?

(A). Bio-physics
(B). Bioinformatics
(C). Genomics
(D). Biomechanics

Correct Answer: B

60. In viruses with envelopes

(A). the envelope and the embedded proteins are encoded by the viral nucleic acid
(B). the envelope is derived from the host but it contains embedded proteins coded by the viral nucleic acid
(C). the envelope is coded by the viral nucleic acids, but the proteins come from the host's membrane proteins
(D). the envelope and its imbedded proteins are derived from the host's membranes

Correct Answer: B

61. The micro-organism which is present in both fresh and frozen juices is

(A). E. coli
(B). Entereobacter aerogenes
(C). P.chrysogenum
(D). None of these   

Correct Answer: B

62. For the selection of endospore-forming bacteria, a mixed culture can be heated at

(A). 80°C for 10 minutes
(B). 70°C for 10 minutes
(C). 60°C for 10 minutes
(D). 90°C for 10 minutes

Correct Answer: A

63. Which of the following three codons translate as serine (Ser)?

(A). AGU
(B). CGA
(C). CAU
(D). AUG

Correct Answer: A

64. The medium required for glutamic acid mainly consist of

(A). glucose
(B). molasses
(C). sucrose
(D). lactose

Correct Answer: A

65. The length of DNA hgaving 23 base pair is

Hints : Distance between adjacent base pairs = 3.4Å


(A). 78 Å
(B). 78.4 Å
(C). 74.8 Å
(D). 78.2 Å

Correct Answer: D

66. The closed complex at bacterial promoters is

(A). in equilibrium with free RNA polymerase and the promoter
(B). not affected by promoter mutations
(C). bound more tightly when repressors are present
(D). not affected by activator proteins

Correct Answer: A

67. To meet the demands of the society, in vitro production of a large number of plantlets in a short duration is practiced in floriculture and horticulture industry today. This is called _______.

(A). Soma clonal variation

(B). Hybridoma technology

(C). Micropropagation

(D). Somatic hybridization


Correct Answer: C

68. In C4 pathway, the CO2 fixation in mesophyll cells is carried out by the enzyme _______.

(A). Rubisco
(B). PEP carboxylase
(C). Pyruvate decarboxylase
(D). Pyruvate dehydrogenase

Correct Answer: B

69. The dynamic technique is based on the

(A). oxygen material balance in an aerated batch fermenter during the growth of microorganisms
(B). change of the oxygen concentration
(C). oxidation of the sodium sulfite to sodium sulfate
(D). oxygen material balance in a fermenter

Correct Answer: A

70. The tumor phenotype, which can be maintained indefinitely in tissue culture, results from the expression of genes on the

(A). T-DNA
(B). c-DNA
(C). r-DNA
(D). m-RNA

Correct Answer: A

71. Everytime, when the dosage of a drug has to be increased to achieve the same �kick� that initially occurred in response to a smaller dose, this condition is known as _______.

(A). .Tolerance
(B). .Rebound effect
(C). .Addiction
(D). .Withdrawal symptoms

Correct Answer: A

72. Intestinal bacteria can grow in the presence of __________ whereas nonintestinal bacteria are usually inhibited.

(A). bile salts
(B). low concentration of various dyes
(C). sugars
(D). low levels of nitrogen

Correct Answer: A

73. Which one is not an organ of special sensation?

(A). Skin
(B). Eye
(C). Ear
(D). Tongue

Correct Answer: C

74. Some important events in the human female reproductive cycle are given below. Arrange the events in a proper sequence.
A - Secretion of FSH, B - Growth of corpus luteum, C - Growth of the follicle and oogenesis, D - Ovulation, E - Sudden increase in the lcvcls of LH

(A). A→C→E→D→B

(B). A→D→C →E→B

(C). B→A→C→D→E

(D). C→A→D→B→E


Correct Answer: A

75. Which of the following are reduced coenzymes?

(A). NADH and FADH2
(B). NAD+ and FAD
(C). ATP and GTP
(D). Coenzyme A and ubiquinone

Correct Answer: A

76. Which of the following is related to humoral immunity?

(A). T-lymphocyte
(B). B-lymphocyte
(C). I-lymphocyte
(D). P-lymphocyte

Correct Answer: B

77. The power required by an agitator operating in a gas-sparged system is

(A). lesser than the power required by an impeller in operating at same speed in a gas free system
(B). more than the power required by an impeller in operating at same speed in a gas free system
(C). same as the power required by an impeller in operating at same speed in a gas free system
(D). none of the above

Correct Answer: A

78. Balanced growth is defined as

(A). cultures undergoing balanced growth while maintaining a constant chemical composition
(B). balancing the growth while controlling the pH
(C). balancing the growth while controlling the temperature
(D). balancing the growth while changing the nutrient composition

Correct Answer: A

79. A nonsense mutation introduced into the DNA sequence of a gene may

(A). cause premature termination of the mRNA
(B). shorten the length of the protein encoded by the gene
(C). have no effect on the transcript or protein made
(D). cause a shift in reading frame

Correct Answer: B

80. Micro organisms are found in which of the following kingdom of five kingdom concept (Whittaker's classification)?

(A). Monera
(B). Protista
(C). Fungi
(D). All of these

Correct Answer: D

81. Match the compounds given in column-I with the number of carbon atoms present in them which are listed under column-II. Choose the answer which gives the correct combination of alphabets of the two columns.
Column - I                                 Column - II
A. Oxaloacetate                        p. 6 - C compound
B. Phosphoglyceraldehyde    q. 5 - C compound
C. lsocitrate                               r. 4 - C compound
D. a-Ketoglutarate                    s. 3 - C compound
                                                     t. 2 - C compound

(A). A = r, B = s, C = p, D = q

(B). A = r, B = t. C = p, D = q

(C). A = q. B = s. C = p. D = t

(D). A = s, B = t. C = q, D = r

Correct Answer: A

82. What happens to a fish of fresh water when placed in salt water

(A). it becomes bloated and dies
(B). it becomes dehydrated and dies
(C). it becomes infected and dies
(D). no difference is observed

Correct Answer: D

83. If a person is vaccinated against a disease sometime in the past, which of the following is currently in your body?

(A). The disease organism itself and antigens for the disease organism
(B). A very high level of antibodies against the disease antigens
(C). Memory B lymphocytes for the antigen of this disease organism
(D). All of the above

Correct Answer: D

84. A particular cell organelle is sometimes referred certain enzymes that can break down the cell components or even the whole cell. which one of the following is such an organelle ?

(A). Lysosome
(B). Mesosome
(C). Phagosome
(D). Ribosome

Correct Answer: A

85. DNA structure was first described by

(A). Lederberg
(B). Catcheside
(C). Watson and Crick
(D). Nirenberg

Correct Answer: C

86. Swelling of the can is caused primarily by

(A). gas forming, anaerobic spore formers
(B). gas forming, aerobic spore formers
(C). both (a) and (b)
(D). none of these

Correct Answer: A

87. Which one of the following species of earthworm is NOT recommended for vermicomposting?

(A). Eisenia fetidae

(B). Eudrilus eugeniae

(C). Pheretima Posthuma

(D). Perionyx excavatus

Correct Answer: C

88. The amount of energy received from one ATP is

(A). 76 kcal
(B). 7.3 kcal
(C). 760 kcal
(D). 1000 kcal

Correct Answer: B

89. The main aim of the human genome project is _______.

(A). to identify and sequence all the genes present in human DNA.

(B). to introduce new genes into humans.

(C). to remove disease causing genes from human DNA.

(D). to develop better techniques for comparing two different human DNA samples.  

Correct Answer: A

90. Which of the following does not act as a neurotransmitter ?

(A). Acetyl-choline
(B). Glutamic acid
(C). Epinephrine
(D). Tyrosine

Correct Answer: D

91. Which of the following statements about enzymes or their function is true?

(A). Enzymes do not alter the overall change in free energy for a reaction
(B). Enzymes are proteins whose three-dimensional form is key to their function
(C). Enzymes speed up reactions by lowering activation energy
(D). All of the above

Correct Answer: D

92. Anaerobic bacteria undergoes butyric isopropyl fermentation in carbohydrates to yield

(A). glycol
(B). butyric acid
(C). acetic acid
(D). all of these

Correct Answer: D

93. If the Keq for an enzymatic reaction is greater than 1, the reaction

(A). will be endergonic
(B). can not occur without the input of energy
(C). both (a) and (b)
(D). none of these Answer: Option D

Correct Answer: D

94. How many pairs of cranial nerves are there in frogs?

(A). Five
(B). Seven
(C). Ten
(D). Twelve

Correct Answer: A

95. Which category of enzymes belongs to class two in the international classification?

(A). Hydrolases
(B). Ligases
(C). Transferases
(D). Isomerase

Correct Answer: C

96. Which of the following test indicates the susceptibility to streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin?

(A). Schick test
(B). Disk test
(C). ASO test
(D). Precipitation test

Correct Answer: B

97. The word, used for the small solid supports onto which are spotted hundreds of thousands of tiny drops of DNA that can be used to screen gene expression, is

(A). southern blot
(B). cloning library
(C). DNA microarrays
(D). northern blot

Correct Answer: C

98. Vibrational spectroscopy is

(A). a large mass on a weak spring
(B). a flashlight through a prism and shake it
(C). a class of spectroscopic techniques which analyzes molecular motions
(D). an Infrared spectroscopy

Correct Answer: C

99. Bacillus thuringiensis is useful as a bacterial

(A). source of antibiotics
(B). producer of vitamins
(C). herbicide
(D). pesticide

Correct Answer: D

100. Stormy clot reaction is useful in identification of

(A). C tetani
(B). C botulinum
(C). C perfringens
(D). C difficile

Correct Answer: C

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