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Roti Bank Scheme Jhunjhunu

Roti bank starts in Jhunjhunu, fooding 100 needy people daily

In Jhunjhunu, some people have started Roti Bank in Rajasthan for patients admitted for the hospital, their families and other needy people. This is the first bank of its kind in Rajasthan which will feed at least 100 people every day. Those who want to help, they have to pay only 40 per plate. For the supply of food, two big hotels of Jhunjhunu also have come together in this campaign. This bread back started on Sunday and arrangements for the next 27 days are here.

Jhunjhununu is a literate district in Rajasthan and people of this district of Shekhawati region are spread across the world. Many of these are also big industrialists. Four people of this district have started this roti bank together. It is also financially capable and giving monthly 20-20 thousand rupees to the bank on its behalf.

Bank Chairman M.D. Chopard is the owner of a medicine factory. They say that when we started the wall of goodness for the needy and clothes for the needy in Jhunjhunu, the district superintendent of police Manish Agrawal said that in many cities of the world, people drink coffee and take two coupons. One drinks themselves and another coupons are placed on the wall of the hotel, and the needy person drinks a cup of coffee with a coupon. Something like this should be done here too. From then on, this roti started working on the bank's plan.

Akhtar Ali Gehlot of Jhunjhunu, Devkinkan Kumavat and Rajesh Rewada joined together in this scheme and got started. Two restaurants of Jhunjhunu, Khana Khasana and Sara Vilas have also been taken along with Roti Bank. These two hotels are making a hundred rupees of plate food available to us in 40 rupees. It contains two vegetables, lentil, roti, rice and salad. The diet given to patients also includes curd and milk.

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