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History of Pilani
Pilani is a historical place. It has its own story. Pilani is known for its educational services Since last one decade.

Pilani basically founded by some local king called Dalel singh . On behalf of his name pilani was called Dalel Garh. After the death of king pilani was re-established by pilania brothers and they change the name from Dalel Garh to pilani . Birla’s play a significant role in the development of pilani . The first educational institute was opened in pilani by Father of Shri Ghanshyam das birla . That institute named was Pathsala in 1903. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) was founded in that same pathsala later on it was shifted to other big campus.

Pilani has many historical buildings which are mainly of birla’s. In pilani there are some old palaces of king Dalel singh which are now used as school building. In 1953 a government project was established in Pilani called Central Electronics Enginering Research Institute (CEERI). CEERI has its branches in all over India and World also. Pilani it has its one of the major branch.
Pilani people play a significant role in freedom of India. It has many revolutionaries who gave their life and all in the freedom of India.

Many big leaders had made their visit in pilani and they encourage pilani people to made pilani a successful city. In past few years pilani has made big plateform in educational field. Some old people suggest a name for pilani for its educational services. They called it vidya nagri . In last I would like to say that Pilani is a small city in which different culture of people live together not from now but from last two decades.

Pilani Tourism Place
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Pilani is a town in the Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan. The town is famous for its Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS). Tour of Pilani is an all-India Institute for higher education. Its engineering college is reputed to be the top ten colleges in India. But the town is also famous its tourist places like Birla museum, Sarswati temple, Pachwati , Shiv Ganga, Pahari Mandir, Ram Mandir, Birla Hawali, Bits Library and various lovely places.

Birla Museum is situated in the Campus of Vidya Vihar, Pilani(Rajasthan). Birla Museum is mainly based on the projects works which are going in india. It has various models of mines, factories and how the work is going to be done in those companies. In the museum there is lots of stuff from that we can learn many things. There are many creative things in the museum like coal mine, various projects and model diagrams of different processes. This museum is owned by the Birla’s. There is also a jet of Birla’s is there (MODEL of jet). There is also a art gallery in the museum which told us about the back ground of birla’s.

Panchwati is a tourist spot in Pilani. There are many statue’s of lord Ram and his family members are there and also there are many statues of animals are there. Some alive animals are also there like dear. There are various models which tell us about the lord Ram and there kingdom. There are also some models which tell us about the past of human being. There are many green trees.
Sarswati temple is also situated in Vidya Vihar Campus . It is a big temple. Lord Sarswati’s statue are situated in this temple. This temple made with white marbles. There are many plants. Every year held a grand function on Basant Panchami .This temple build by Birla.
Ram Mandir this temple situated neary by Talaab. It is a big temple. A big park are situated around this temple. Lord Ram ,his Wife and his brother’s statue are situated in temple. All statue are example of good art.

Pahari Mandir situated on a big hill. In this temple Lord Hanuman’s statue situated. To reach out the temple we have to cross 207 stairs.
Shiv Ganga also situated in Vidya Vihar Campus. There are many green and big plants. There is a big statue of Lord Shiva. A small river flow around of this statue

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